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Headlines in open-source

Canadian Creates Star Trek-like Tricorder
from Techvibes Toronto 04/05/2012
I grew up watching Star Trek. It wasn’t really the story lines that hooked me, but the science. Teleporters, phasers, tricorders, they were all so v...

Portable Microbiology Lab -There’s an App For That!
from Montreal Tech Watch 03/08/2012
Somewhere in an African village a father is having a conversation with his son. “When you were just a little boy, we didn’t have phones that check...

Job listing: Web Developer Intern @ Open North
from Montreal Tech Watch 02/29/2012
Open North is a Canadian non-profit that makes web and mobile apps to increase government transparency and connect citizens with their representatives...

Hockey Playing Robot Obviously Designed In Canada
from Techvibes Global Blog 02/15/2012
This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a hockey playing robot, but this time it is DARwIn, everyone’s favorite open-source robot, who has taken to...

HP Says WebOS Will Be Open Source This Fall; Rolls Out Developer Tools in Advance
from Techvibes Global Blog 01/26/2012
HP is officially making webOS an open-source platform. The computer company has announced that webOS—last seen on the now-defunct TouchPad tablet—...

Show More BNOTIONS acquires Android dev shop Mobicartel
from Techvibes Toronto 12/19/2011
Toronto mobile development shop BNOTIONS announced this morning that they have completed the acquisition of Android development shop Mobicartel. Offic...

Montreal nodejs, mongodb, redis Christmas hackathon
from Montreal Tech Watch 12/07/2011
In about 10 days, beginners & advanced nodejs users alike are invited to a nodejs workshop and hacakthon. Schedule - Friday Dec 16th: Workshop 5.3...

Carrier IQ: What it is, what it isn't, and what you need to know
from Engadget Mobile 12/01/2011
2. A method for collecting data at a server coupled to a communications network, comprising: transmitting to a device a data collection profile, where...

Get Tipsy At Work With Binary Dawn’s Giggle Water Game
from Techvibes Global Blog 09/16/2011
Binary Dawn Interactive The game is tilt-based, and involves pouring drinks for a 2D cut-out character named Alfie. Set in the “roaring 20s”, and ...

The Rise of (Profitable) Open Source Hardware: John Biggs moderates with Josh Myer (Applied Platonics), Steve Hodges (Microsoft Research), Luke Soules ( and Eric Wilhelm (Instructables)
from TechCrunch Disrupt 09/14/2011
Disrupt SF 2011...



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